Saturday, 1 January 2011

new blog:-)

hey there!
Don't ask but i deleted my last blog due to 2 profiles bein on there & was being a pain, so im re-starting.

The above pic is the project ive started for 2011 crazy challenge.

hugs xx


  1. lou thats going to be pretty. i need to get back into stiching again

  2. I love your Liliput Lane, Home is Where the Heart Is... it's one I've been wanting to add to my stash for a long while. I will be following your progress... can't wait to see more of it! Good luck with your new blog!

    Wishing you much love and joy, glad tidings and good cheer, a cosy warm hearth and blessings abounding... and many a heartfelt hour of peaceful stitching thyme in the New Year!

    Heartfelt blessings always in stitches...